Increase your financial sustainability and profitability — so you can create the life and business of your dreams.

You’re an inspired entrepreneur who’s already had their feet wet for a few years but… you need financial clarity and predictability.
And you need it NOW.

But it shouldn’t have to be so hard to achieve that!

Use proven tools and simple systems to manage your revenue, expenses and taxes, creating abundancewith ease.


A transformative group experience designed to boost your confidence when it comes to your money. 

In just 8 weeks you will learn and put into practice proven tools and simple systems to give you complete financial clarity on making intentional decisions in your business. 


Transform your cash flow management to create 
financial ease and more 

Create a custom Profit Blueprint your roadmap to minimize risk and increase profits

Learn how to be more tuned into your business and make decisions that will ensure consistent profitability

“April has such a different strategy for supporting Health Practitioners (especially women) when it comes to money. 

She employs tactics that acknowledge and tap into how our behaviour and money beliefs impact our financial decisions and choices. 

She also wants to know how YOUR story affects how you make those decisions, and can teach you exactly how to take control of your own financial future — and financial health is deeply connected to your overall health & wellness.”
~ Dr. Jordan Robertson, ND
"Since starting the profit first method in my business, I've been able to more clearly see where my money is coming from, going, and to give myself a steadier income. It's been a huge relief and something I had struggled to understand for a few years, despite having a great bookkeeper and accountant who gave me fantastic monthly updates. With the mix of bookkeeping and profit first, everything makes way more sense. This method works whether you make a little or a lot of money."
~ Dr. Megan Bernard, ND
"Hiring April and implementing the Profit First system in my business has completely changed how I view the financial side of my business. 

Now, I have a set monthly budget for expenses and professional development, I'm leaving money in my business for the first time in 12 years of practice, and I have a reserve to pay myself so going on vacation doesn't mess up my cash flow. But most of all, working with April has allowed me to finally fully step into my role of being a business owner who knows and understands her numbers."
~ Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur, ND

The next session starts May 2nd 2023. Book a call with April to reserve your seat TODAY.
*Classes are every Tuesday 12-2pm ET / 1 -3pm AT  for 8 weeks total*

Imagine If You Could:
  • Stop worrying about how you’ll pay your vendors (or the bank) — as in no more stress or “praying for a sale” to cover expenses!
  • Quit stressing about stretching your cash flow through your slow season.
  • Take in a great salary every month, plus enjoy a quarterly profit bonus (mini family vacay?)
  • ​Confidently invest in that expensive-but-worth-it mastermind because you know you have the money for it .
  • ​Have total clarity and power over your business finances.
  • ​Stop wasting sleepless nights worrying about money…
Make those dreams of financial abundance
and ease… a reality.
This profit-forward program guides you through a series of recorded videos (5 modules) and 8 weekly live group sessions →
Module 1
Uncovering Your Financial 'Why'
Taking an appropriate wage for yourself as a business owner is a key building block for your business. Often business owners confuse the profits of their business with their salary. 

(That's why drilling down to your personal financial 'why' is critical. Let’s set it straight, so you can enjoy both a regular salary and quarterly profits!)
Module 2
The 4 Principles of Cash Flow Management
We explore the 4 principles and behaviors that help you shift your mindset around how you manage your expenses, profit, salary and taxes. 

(This will help you predict how much money will be available to your business in the future!)
Module 3
Assessing the Financial Health of your Business
We’ll use your financial statements and other financial tools to analyze your financial health and level of risk.
Module 4
The Roll Out Plan
We’ll create your plan to implement the 4 Principles into your business. This will help you have instant clarity on your financial wellbeing on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis.
Module 5
Profit Points
You’ll learn how to conduct a non-emotional expense audit in your business, identify your margin builder and detractors, and create a plan for sustainable profitability. 

Using your profit and loss statement (you'll learn how to read that too), you will identify costs that lead to direct revenue and those that are negatively affecting your bottom line.
Profit in Practice gives you a safe space to…

✓ Refresh your financial know-how (like how to read your financial statements!)

✓ Implement systems to help you plan your salary, expenses, profit and taxes

✓ Understand the numbers in your business that best position you for success. 

✓ Make smarter financial decisions

✓ Grow your confidence and resilience as a business owner

About Your Money Coach
As an entrepreneur who’s operated and sold several profitable businesses, I’ve had the same kind of dreams as you do, and the same kind of challenges that you may be having.

I’ve navigated the highs and lows of owning a business and managing household finances, and several years ago I took over the reins of our family’s outdoor retail chain.

On paper it looked pretty profitable. But in reality, we had our struggles, like most small businesses.

We needed a system to plan for our expenses, our cash flow and our taxes. But we also wanted to pay ourselves regularly, while keeping our family business and household finances separate.

As you can imagine… it was complicated. Really complicated.

There were periods where I felt like our finances were in absolute chaos!

The sleepless nights as we weathered economic downturns, changes to tax laws, personnel challenges, and the stresses of day-to-day family life.

But, in a few short years, I discovered a new way of managing our business, and household cash flow & spending. 

In fact, I was able to completely transform our business’s profit margins!
Once I discovered the right tools to create financial ease and calm in my family, and our business, I began sharing these systems to help others calm their own financial chaos.

With 20+ years of experience as a trusted financial advisor and business trainer with my tried-and-tested tools, I was compelled to create Profit in Practice — a program for entrepreneurs who want to implement better financial systems, increase their sustainability, and grow their profitability and competitiveness. 
I’ve helped hundreds of families and businesses decrease debt and create financial ease.

And I know I can help you, too.

“Before taking Profit in Practice and doing what April teaches, I had a lot of sleepless nights wondering how I would pay my vendors, rent or the tax bill.

So much of my headspace was ‘doing the math’ on my bank account - what’s coming in, what’s going out...
April’s systems removed the chaos and allowed me to focus on the things that I'm good at. I feel much more confident in my ability to run my business. 
I have a profit account with money in it now. I haven't worried about how I'm going to pay my taxes in the last 6 months.”
Emily Tripton
Boxing Rock Brewing Company
“Working with April is time and money well-spent. But it goes so much deeper than your pocketbook - I got a better appreciation for the things I have and how to achieve the things I want.
Now I have a plan. I have a roadmap. I might need to detour, but at least I know where I’m going and I know I’m going to get there.”
Colleen O’Toole
CEO in Trucking & Warehouse
“Before working with April, I’d have huge stress during our lean months when business was slow. I’d try to stretch the cash and pray for a sale so we could comfortably pay rent or our tax bill. 
Since working with April and nailing down the Principles of Cash Flow Management, I now have a completely different business. I’m no longer guessing or "praying" for a sale to pay the bills. It has relieved a huge amount of stress!”
Coaching Client
If you want to feel peace of mind over your business finances, you need to know your numbers.

It’s time to drop the money shame and take control of your finances. 

What’s Included:
5 on-demand workshop trainings designed to help you understand your numbers, create financial sustainability and make smarter decisions
Value: $2500
8 weekly live sessions where you receive “love-seat” custom coaching and implementation intensives by April. 

Have all your questions answered!
Value: $3500

**This is what a comparable 1-to-1 consultation program would cost alone!
On-demand resources library. Checklists to easily implement systems to create financial predictability and clarity
Value: $1200
Access to a private online community filled with growth-minded entrepreneurs (it’s like a built-in support network!)
#1: FINANCIAL FOUNDATIONS - a 4-part audio course to get back to the money basics, and be able to decipher your accountant's lingo!

#2: EIGHT weeks of email access - to your Money Coach, April directly!

Total Value of Bonuses: over $5000!
Total Program Value?
Here’s the true value of your investment...

our taxes being paid on time, getting worry-free sleep at night,
and understanding what the heck your accountant is talking about...

Well, you just can’t put a price on that kind of transformation!

Book your complimentary strategy session with April.


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The next PROFIT in PRACTICE session begins May 2nd, 2023.

*Classes are every Tuesday 12-2pm ET / 1-3pm AT for 8 weeks in total*


To ensure you receive the highest quality coaching and support, 
enrolment is capped at 12 participants.
Do I have to share all my financial docs and dirty secrets?
Nope. There’s no sharing of your intimate financial details. Unless you wish to share. I’ve found that groups get pretty close and develop trust within our safe space. We have rich, deep and trusted conversations -- this kind of safe space is so important for business owners.
Why do you keep the group so small?
Registration is limited to 12 participants, with a maximum of 2 participants from a single business.

I aim to provide as much value as possible and speak to your individual needs. A smaller group is more intimate and allows for more conversation and coaching.
How many people from one business can join?
Registration is limited to 12 participants, with a maximum of 2 participants from a single business.

I aim to provide as much value as possible and speak to your individual needs. A smaller group is more intimate and allows for more conversation and coaching.
How is the course delivered?
All of the course materials are housed in a private membership portal, with a combination of workbooks and recorded videos. Our weekly live training sessions will be delivered over Zoom. Recordings and replays will be available in the membership portal.
I’m with a Chamber of Commerce/Business Association — can I offer this course to my members?
Absolutely! Many business groups purchase a group rate and provide it to their members for free or a small fee. Please reach out to my team ( to schedule a call to discuss.
If, after 3 months post-program, our work together doesn’t change your money story — I’ll provide you with a 100% refund on your investment.

(You will be asked to show a record of completed worksheets and financial statements.)
Are YOU ready to change your money story and
connect with other growth-minded entrepreneurs who want greater financial clarity?

Create the ease, abundance and profit that you've been dreaming of in YOUR business. Today.
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